Asset allocation mandates - At Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited, we offer asset allocation mandates that allow you to combine your choice of individual securities and funds with a core portfolio based on our asset allocation funds. You can give your total portfolio an additional sector or regional orientation, or simply select some of your preferred securities.

A family company with experience dedicated to your business and philanthropic projects. Whatever the stage of your company's development, we can offer personalized solutions for:
- Wealth management (financial, industrial, non-deposited assets) with the aim of preserving capital
- Legal and tax optimization

We are naturally well placed to advise you on planning and succession.
Estate planning - Because lasting personal wealth requires long-term planning, we offer more than just asset management expertise.

About Us

Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited is an independent investment management company based in Hong Kong.  Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s manages equities for a globally diverse client base comprising a broad range of investors.A professional investment team applies Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s distinctive investment philosophy within an environment free from committee based decision making.  The structure fosters independent investment thought and results in portfolios with diversified, yet strong views that are designed to deliver long-term outperformance.  Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s focus on delivering superior investment returns, rather than asset accumulation, is facilitated by owner management and reinforced by a strong preference for performance based fees.


At the heart of Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s investment philosophy is the capital cycle approach to investment.  It is based on the idea that the prospect of high returns will attract excessive capital (and hence competition), and vice versa.  In addition, an assessment of how management responds to the forces of the capital cycle and how they are incentivized are critical to the investment outcome.
The investment philosophy guides a focused team of individually accountable investment generalists who seek investment opportunities across the style and capitalization spectrum. 

Our Key pillars:
• Partnership defines us - Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited was founded as an investment partnership, the firm has been wholly owned by the people who invest for and look after our clients.  Our singular focus on generating superior long-term investment results for our clients has been the bedrock of our own growth.

• Partnership makes us different - It allows us to put our clients' needs first rather than dance to the tune of external shareholders.  It brings stability and a long-term time frame to everything that we do in our business, whether choosing the best investments for our clients' portfolios or continually investing in the firm and developing our people.

• Partnership makes us independent - It also brings independence, allowing us to be truly active investors. Our portfolios are shaped by where the best investment opportunities lie, rather than where the index dictates.

• Partnership challenges us - It encourages personal responsibility, creating a strong culture of questioning, debate and respectful trust in which the finest investment minds are nurtured and thrive.

Focused on delivering results

Our investment capabilities
Who we are is as important as what we do. We bring you an experienced team of passionate, questioning investors completely focused on delivering long-term returns. That’s our edge.

These are our capabilities:
Equities - In markets seduced by complexity, we believe in keeping things simple. We invest in what we believe to be the most competitive, innovative and efficient growth companies. Over a century of global investment experience has taught us that patience is vital, so we build long-term, committed portfolios that aim to anticipate the next decade, not the next quarter. Most importantly, we love what we do and we don’t invest by rote or by numbers alone. Our analysts conduct rigorous, qualitative, fundamental analysis to determine whether to invest. We know that the equity markets may not agree with us, and that’s okay; it’s more profitable to lead than to follow, and we never stop questioning or challenging the status quo.

Fixed income - We are different. We are truly active investors, looking to construct concentrated portfolios of long-term investments. We have a global perspective. We invest in government bonds and currencies, investment grade, high yield and Emerging Market bonds. Our investors undertake rigorous proprietary analysis focused on fundamental investment characteristics and look for the most profitable opportunities around the world. To avoid taking unintended risk, we complement this with thematic analysis and a healthy dose of common sense.

Diversified strategies - We don’t believe in limiting our investment opportunities, so why should our clients? Diversification across asset classes can help achieve a client’s investment objectives while moderating risk. Thanks to our experience of investing in a broad range of traditional and alternative asset classes, our diversified strategies maximize investment opportunities in the pursuit of steady returns. Team structure is central to our culture. While we have a clear assignment of responsibilities and ownership with regard to portfolio construction, we actively encourage debate and idea generation within and across all our investment teams. We believe this distills conviction and makes us better investors.

Corporate Citizenship
We play an active role in the local community whenever we can, whether that means supporting a particular charity, sponsoring breathtaking talent or helping to promote events that send powerful messages to the people who live and work in this much-loved city.

Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited Charitable Foundation
Responsibility, ethics, and durability: these three key words define our role as well as our attitude toward the environment.
We have long realized the major role that sustainable development has to play in our economic development, but we also wish to help our society meet the challenges of sustainable growth by encouraging research and innovation, as well as initiatives aimed at changing our habits and customs, with a view to protecting the environment more effectively.

We carry out our philanthropic activities through Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited Charitable Foundation. The foundation focuses on key areas that reflect the values of the Firm.

One of our aims is to simplify the act of giving, so that philanthropic wishes may easily be transformed into action. As donors, we know that giving is the most difficult of all arts. That is why we wish to make a commitment to improving the framework conditions for philanthropy by facilitating exchange between donors and beneficiaries, as well as supporting studies on social needs and ways of responding to those needs. We also seek to stimulate media interest in philanthropy.