Asset allocation mandates - At Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited, we offer asset allocation mandates that allow you to combine your choice of individual securities and funds with a core portfolio based on our asset allocation funds. You can give your total portfolio an additional sector or regional orientation, or simply select some of your preferred securities.

A family company with experience dedicated to your business and philanthropic projects. Whatever the stage of your company's development, we can offer personalized solutions for:
- Wealth management (financial, industrial, non-deposited assets) with the aim of preserving capital
- Legal and tax optimization

We are naturally well placed to advise you on planning and succession.
Estate planning - Because lasting personal wealth requires long-term planning, we offer more than just asset management expertise.

Independent Investment Management

A professional investment team applies Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s distinctive investment philosophy within an environment free from committee based decision making.  The structure fosters independent investment thought and results in portfolios with diversified, yet strong views that are designed to deliver long-term outperformance.  Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s focus on delivering superior investment returns, rather than asset accumulation, is facilitated by owner management and reinforced by a strong preference for performance based fees.


At the heart of Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited’s investment philosophy is the capital cycle approach to investment.  It is based on the idea that the prospect of high returns will attract excessive capital (and hence competition), and vice versa.  In addition, an assessment of how management responds to the forces of the capital cycle and how they are incentivized are critical to the investment outcome.
The investment philosophy guides a focused team of individually accountable investment generalists who seek investment opportunities across the style and capitalization spectrum. 

Our competitive advantage

Focus on clients
We would be nothing without our clients. That may seem obvious, but can easily be overlooked. All too often the financial sector will chase new business to the potential detriment of existing clients. At Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited existing clients’ interests are paramount and we frequently close our products to new business to ensure that the integrity of our strategies and the quality of service are maintained. This commitment to professional excellence ensures clients receive our full attention. Our single-minded approach has enabled us to enjoy flawless relationships with clients.

Ownership structure
Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited is wholly owned by its partners – all of whom work for the firm full time. Growth has been organic, with no mergers or acquisitions, and we are committed to remaining independent. This partnership style is rare among large investment management companies and creates key advantages. The organizational stability created by this ownership structure means we can recruit and retain some of the best people in the industry. This, in turn, means we can continue to find the best long-term investment opportunities. It’s a virtuous circle that has served us well for over a century.

Long-term philosophy
We are active investors, driven to deliver value-added performance after fees, and we invest in companies that we believe will produce superior earnings growth over the long term. In equities, our belief is that sustained growth in company profits leads to higher share prices over time. In bonds, we take a differentiated investment approach which focuses on long term prospects rather than the potential for short-term price movements. Our rigorous process of fundamental analysis and proprietary research, combined with a depth of expertise, allows us to exploit global opportunities over periods of five years or more.